the best restaurant on thoddoo island


Opening hours from 8 am to 11 pm. The restaurant is open daily! Payment is accepted in dollars, euros or local currency Maldivian rufiyaa. There is always a 10% charge added to the price listed on the menu. The local compulsory tax. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card, but if you pay by card, the terminal will charge another 3.5% of the total bill. 


Traveler! We are glad to greet you in our insular restaurant! We dropped our anchor in an azure bay of a cozy island Thoddoo- one of the many beads in the pearl necklace of atoll Alif-Alif on Maldives. In other words it is the end of the world and pure heaven for the seafarers and adventurers, willing to have a little rest. We have been traveling a lot and know how important good food and hospitality are. Dear Guest, are you dining alone or with your family and friends, please, make yourself comfortable- you are in the right place! Choose the dish that suits your taste the most. It will of course be prepared by experienced chefs and with a touch of oceanic wind’s fantasy and a pinch of spicy pirates ardor. We include special effort when preparing the food. Just imagine sun-warmed fruits and vegetables, Mediterranean spices and fish, grown in the wild-whole world on one plate. One who eats well, will have enough strength for new discoveries and brilliant rest! And we certainly will try our best to deliver you this experience.

The Best Experience Ever

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We wish you a wonderful holiday in our guest house
Dive Villa, Thoddoo; Anna & Daniel

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